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Another Happy Customer!

by Palmer77 at Citysearch

I am so happy that I had the good fortune to be introduced to Dr Melamed, and stopped by for a consultation.

In the back of my mind I expected another 'LA' over-priced, gimmicky clinic where their only concern was for their celebrity clientele. I had came from almost 18 months of unsuccessful treatments and $1000's wasted.

I was exhausted, and had given up on ever having my pre-acne beautiful skin back.

Dr Melamed had so much patience, and explained in depth and very clearly the procedure. I felt like he had made it his mission to fix my scarring, and this gave me such confidence, (despite the previous lack of success). I felt from day one that we were in it together, and that he genuinely cared. I was on the road to recovery!

(I have suffered from acne scarring, I developed acne late in my twenties and had had 3 very expensive and evasive Pearl laser treatments at a different clinic before, as well as 20 plus Laser Genesis treatments the results had been poor, and not what I had been promised.)

Dr Melamed explained the laser Derma-surfacing. Here, Dr Melamed uses the laser like an artist and skillfully targets specific areas . It really is a bespoke treatment which evens out the surface of the skin around the scar depressions. The results were apparent after the first treatment, I had a second treatment about a month ago - I didn't think I needed it. But Dr Melamed is a perfectionist and wanted my skin to be the best it could be. I am so happy with the results.

(FYI With the 'Pearl' the entire face is zapped, as opposed to the areas that really need to be pinpointed - although it did improve the appearance and quality/brightness of my skin, it didn't improve the scarring.)

If you have any questions I would definitely recommend stopping by the clinic. Lisa at the front desk is very genuine and a delight. It's priced fairly in my opinion, and you will get the best possible care, pre, during and post any treatments you decide to get.

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


So happy with the doctor and the results.

by Sharon N at Citysearch

I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Melamed. There are so many great things about him as a doctor…but none would really matter if he were not the incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and talented doctor that he is. However add to that he, and his wife Lisa who if the office manger for this wonderful skin care center, are the epitome of respect for their patients (I've never had to wait when I arrived for an appointment) as well as compassionate and so very nice and kind.

I went to Dr. Melamed looking for answers to severe acne scars I had had since my teenage years. At 54 I finally got tired of feeling self conscious about them. I also wanted to know what could be done for my marionette lines and my collapsed eyebrows and eyelids.

Dr. Melamed performed two separate derma surfacings on my face…my huge pores disappeared, my skin tightened, wrinkles went away, and my acne scarring was smoothed away.

Then I had fillers on both my marionette lines and the hollows under my eyes and the results were incredible. And I had botox in two places above my eyes to lift my eyebrows and open up my eyes. Awesome results. I got contacts and wear eye shadow again. For the first time in probably 5 or 6 years, I want people to look at my eyes. Having these procedures done has done so much for my self esteem. I smile at myself when I look in the mirror.

I have wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Melamed to my friends. I imagine if you are reading this review, you are looking for a doctor to help you with some things about your skin and appearance that you would like to improve. I suggest that you do yourself a favor and book a consultation with him. Dr. Melamed is talented and trustworthy—and he helped me achieve something that made me feel incredibly good about myself. Thank you Dr. Melamed.

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


cosmetic skincare spa

by 6l at Citysearch

Dr. Melamed is so talented. My experience was great, results were beautiful and painless. I trust him completely with all my future procedures and am very grateful I have finally found such an

a skilled and caring doctor. Lisa, who runs the front office is as kind, patient and friendly as the doctor. I recommend this wonderful medical spa

to anyone who wants great results and great care.

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


Lipodisolve Really Works!

by kimlh at Citysearch

In just a few sessions I had visable results of fat gone from my body. I started with my saddlebags and the results were so remakable that I soon took on my thighs, stomache, butt, and now my bra buldge area. All of these places have responded beautifully to the lipodisolve. I love the ability to fine tune, and define your own shape. AND, the celulite on my legs is gone!

Dr. Melamed has always been caring, and very realistic in his approach to what can be achieved. I love the results.

Dr. Melamed is a great doctor, always concerned about the patient's health - not just beauty. The office is run extremely well. Very genuine people. I simply can't say enough good about my experiences here. I've received exceptional care.

  • Pros: Friendly, Caring, Effective, Trustworthy
  • Cons: None
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


FANTASTIC!! Would recommend to anyone

by betterbutter at Citysearch

I discussed botox treatments with Dr. Melamed. He gave me a thorough explaination of what to expect in terms of volume, cost, and results. He even suggested that we NOT treat a certain area, due to the overall facial asthetic. I chose to have the botox, per his more minimal recommendation, and I was THRILLED!! He is a wonderful doctor, with a great front office staff as well. The overall office is effective, conscientious and caring. Couldn't want for anything more. :)

  • Pros: Thorough, Conscientious, Caring, Effective
  • Cons: None
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


A wonderful place

by annonnymmous at Citysearch

Dr Melamed & his wife, Lisa, run a wonderful medical office. Both are very courteous, professional and friendly. What I most liked is the integrity Dr Melamed has when discussing pros & cons of procedures and price. In addition, he is very conservative in his approach and listens to the patient and their wants and needs.

  • Pros: Honest, Direct & Personable
  • Cons: can't think of any
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


Gold Mine

by armacost at Citysearch

This is by far the nicest, most professional skincare clinic I have been to. I was interested in getting laser treatment done for enlarged pores and discoloration, even considering Fraxel (which they dont do BTW). First I went to another place that I felt uneasy about, so I thought I would get a second opinion here. They were extremely welcoming when I entered (even offered me water as I waited) and apologized for the wait, even though it wasnt that long. As soon as I was able to see the doctor he was just as accommodating. He was very nice, patient and asked me a lot of questions about my concerns- just seemed genuinely interested. He then took pictures of my face, asking me to point out my concerns on a magnified projector screen, and told me what was best for my skin. He did not try to sell me anything inappropriate or even ask me when I was ready to make my first appointment. As a matter of fact, he talked me out of laser treatment altogether saying it was not necessary and that I should save my thousands of dollars and go for something less ablative. We agreed on 6 sessions of various less expensive peels & microdermabrasion, which I cannot wait to start. The receptionist went over all the details at the end, and even she wasn't pushy. Altogether, it was an amazing, comforting experience and this is exaclty what I wanted when contemplating having something done to my face. To make things even better, they even send me a Thank You letter in the mail for coming in! Anyone thinking of having skin rejuvination or anything done to thier face, should go here first. They will be in good hands.

  • Pros: Friendly, patient, clean facility, all new equipment.
  • Cons: none
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


Botox to the max

by softrocker at Citysearch

I read the reviews after the fact but my experience was amazing. If anything Doctor Melamed was very conservative and talked me out of doing too much Botox. I admit that I have shopped around for the best price and I know many places charging a lot and will push Botox. No way here and I am very happy. He did my Botox middle of December and I feel great.

  • Pros: Very nice office and easy to park.
  • Cons: None
4 Star Rating: Recommended


Sincere and took the time to address my needs

by legacy2012 at Citysearch

Super happy with my acne treatment. Doctor M took time to talk with me and explain what I needed and gave real direction. I went to two other dermatologists and they only prescribed medications or wanted to give me acutane. Instead with doctor melamed he actually treated me with this blue and red light and special washes and some topical creams. I am now three months in and my acne is much better.

My only gripe for not giving 5 stars is their office hours! Only open during the week so I have to take off from work for my treatments. otherwise they are 5 starts all the way.

  • Pros: private office and spent lots of time with me. great office. free parking. reasonable price
  • Cons: not open on weekends
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


One of the best cosmetic medical office in Los Angeles with sincere and experienced doctor and staff

by love16 at Citysearch

Apparently the two people who left the negative comments must have been either at the wrong office or just have nothing better to do with their time but to badmouth good companies and people that are left in the medical field, especially aesthetics. Dr. Melamed is one of the best doctors I've been to in Los Angeles. He is very sincere, takes his time and explains all the procedures. He is very conservative and believe me he never pushes on more botox but rather less. Their office is very nice and the staff is very friendly and knowledgable. They have found a client for life.

  • Pros: Experienced doctor & knwoledgable staff
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended


Highly Recommended!

by cali2013 at Citysearch

I've tried everything for my cellulite and nothing worked until I tried Dr. Melamed's treatments. It did take awhile (I started noticeing results after about 4 weeks, and more dramatic results after a couple months) and it is more expensive than buying, say, cellulite cream (which is totally useless, don't waste your money)at a drugstore , but the difference is IT WORKS! Dr Melamed not only administered the treatments but also took an interest in my overall health, diet, and excercise habits and helped me make positive changes in those too. I would recommend this service to anyone. It's totally worth it being able to wear shorts or a bathing suit and not being embarrased about how my cellulite looks or feeling like I constantly have to keep covered up. Also, the office is beautiful and the staff is exceptionally kind and friendly.


Editorial Review by Citysearch Editors

by Contributor at Citysearch

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As good as it gets ...

by djchoi at Citysearch

I am not one to write reviews online but I had to sign up for Citysearch solely to share my thoughts on Dr. Melamed and Lisa's unique care and service. Simply put, their care has been the best I have experienced in dermatology or in any other medical care for that matter. They offer one on one attention and are very responsive to follow up questions. They expend the greatest effort in making sure the patient fully understands the medical issues and suggested treatment. It doesn't hurt that their offices feel like a day spa and not a doctors office. Dr. Melamed seems to believe in old school physican care which translates into a very pleasant and highly recommended experience.