Kiss Cellulite Goodbye
FDA Certified technology now used to effectively eliminate cellulite.
What is cellulite?

Cellulite describes the deposits of dimpled fat found principally on the thighs and buttocks of women. The resulting dimpled or uneven skin is a nagging problem for most women – even those who work hard to keep fit.
Cellulite is a normal process in women, so for many years medical science was not interested in treating it. Only in the last few years have any studies been done to identify the cause of cellulite. Effective treatments are an even more recent development. Cellulite forms in the superficial fat. All fat is not cellulite, only the part present in this superficial layer. The superficial layer is the last area to be affected by weight loss. Therefore, exercise and weight loss do not eliminate cellulite. Even women who exercise regularly and follow low-fat, nutritious diets may still have cellulite. This makes weight management and cellulite treatment completely different issues.
What causes cellulite?

While we can trace the problem to genetics, hormones and lifestyle, localized factors directly responsible for cellulite involve poor circulatory exchanges and stiff connective tissue. The connective tissue gradually shortens as it stiffens, pulling the skin down. At the same time, the clusters of enlarged fat cells pull the skin up. The consequence of this push/pull mechanism results in the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Until recently, very few studies had looked at the cause of cellulite. As a result, theories abounded but answers were few. Recent studies have revealed two major causes of cellulite. The first is a hardening of the connective tissue support system of fat. These are referred to as connective tissue (fibrous) septae. These are made of collagen.
How does cellulite treatment work?
We uses Radial Shock Wave Therapy with a pellet inside an air chamber that generates pressure waves to affect the connective tissue causing cellulite, thereby improving the skin’s appearance by:
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Increasing the elasticity of connective tissue
  • Stimulating blood and lymph circulation
What is Kiss Cellulite Goodbye?
This treatment has been used by physicians in Europe to ease the pain associated with poor circulation and stiff joints and tendons. Now, Dr. David P. Melamed at West LA Medical & Skincare has adapted this FDA certified technology to improve the appearance of the skin by the treatment of cellulite.
Kiss Cellulite Treatment represents a new approach to cellulite treatment. Using pressure waves that impact both of the major causes of cellulite: fibrous septae and protrusion of fat into the lower dermis. The treatment produces a pressure wave that passes through skin and fat to impact the fibrous septae. The pressure breaks up the collagen of the septae and releases the skin, allowing a smoother surface.
Typival-cellulite.jpg   Reduced_cellulite.jpg
What can I expect following treatment?
The optimal results of treatment are seen three weeks after the last treatment. Patients will see visible firming and smoothing of the skin, including:
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Increased tone and firmness
  • Reduced circumference and a more refined figure
Patients have seen dramatic results from Kiss Cellulite Treatments. Women who have tried everything – from diet and exercise to various over-the-counter remedies – have seen results for the first time. Kiss Cellulite Treatment also helps to thicken the dermis and decrease fat protrusion. Ultrasound pictures confirm dermal thickening after treatment.
Photos of actual treatment patient (6 weeks):
  Before and After (6 Weeks) photos of actual patient:
Inbefor_after1   Inbefor_after2
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When are treatments scheduled?
Patients are treated twice per week for three weeks. Sessions typically last 30-45 minutes. We recommend 1-2 maintenance sessions within six months after completing the initial program. Additional treatments are necessary for about 20 percent of patients.
How long do the results last?
The expected results and length of benefit depend on each patient. Body weight, circulation, and overall level of activity will affect how long results will last. Patients will maintain their results for 6-12 months. We recommend 1-2 maintenance sessions within six months after completing the initial program. Additional treatments are necessary for about 20 percent of patients.
Free Consultation
Dr. Melamed and our professionally trained staff will provide you with a complimentary consultation. During the consultation, we will evaluate your cellulite, review the program, and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.